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Twin 525s to PWM controlled big single.

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  • Twin 525s to PWM controlled big single.

    Good morning all. Current combo is a 5.3 LS turbo using an BTR Stage 2 turbo cam, S485 turbo, DeatschWerks 1500 injectors, and twin Walbro 525 pumps. I've been street driving the car for seven years, and have probably made about 400 passes in it. It's a '65 Chevy II street car, complete with a PM Gear Vendors in it. To date it's gone a best of 5.28 @ 132, and 8.62 @ 163. Greg Powrie has done the tuning on the car from day one. Last time at the track, we had the discussion (again, LOL) about the pitfalls of running a multiple pump configuration, should one pump decide to go bad. I've always run Walbro pumps, from a trusted supplier, and usually change them out for new every two years. I'm searching for real world info about converting to a large single pump, that can use PWM control to deliver the desired volume required for whatever the circumstances require. I know the OEMs have been doing this for years, so the technology is solid. This is my first time really digging in to the subject, so I'm looking for real world info. Pump choices. SS relay choices. Wiring concepts, etc. I appreciate any knowledge/advice that you guys can share on the subject. OR, I'm wondering, can I use two pressure switches to monitor the pressure from each pump, before the merge point, and setup a safety to catch a pressure failure in either of those two feed lines? I've never had an issue with my twin pump setup, and I like how quiet they are, so if there's a safe way to continue down that path, I'm all ears. I'm a do it right/spend the money in the right places the first time, kind of guy, so I don't have any issues asking others for their thoughts or experiences. Thanks in advance.
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