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Closed Loop Chasing AFR

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  • Closed Loop Chasing AFR

    I have a problem with my Closed Loop chasing AFR. Setup is a 6.0L turbo injectors are Holley 160 lb/hr low impedance, Dominator ECU. Car runs great if you roll off throttle 2-3% and hold it, the car goes pig rich into 10s. It will cruise perfect perform perfect until you just ever so slightly roll off throttle, 13% TPS and roll to 10% Closed Loop on or off it does the same thing. Just had injectors cleaned still does the same thing.

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    Have you data logged this and compared your readings to what is commanded on the "Target Air/Fuel Table"
    There is a bunch of guys way smarter than me on here, and I know they'll need more info than just the symptom. Can you post your config file and data log for these guys to look at?


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      Turb0_Joe: Sounds like your tune needs to be tweaked. Post your Global File. Andrew
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