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Flowtech Mid-Length for G-body Camino/MonteCarlo

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  • Flowtech Mid-Length for G-body Camino/MonteCarlo

    I have a 1984 El Camino with a 350 installed. It has stock 624 GM iron heads so the exhaust ports will be in the same place as the stock 305 ports were. I was going to order a set of the 11108FLT headers to fit. On Summit's site their product info page under "Check Fit" says that the headers will fit G-body El Camino 1984. Multiple reviews also stated that they'll fit the G-body cars fine.

    All was good until I noticed that Flowtech has another part number "43002FLT" that specifically lists the G-body platform Monte Carlo up to 1988. An El Camino is a Monte Carlo for all intents and purposes under the G-body lineup.

    I cannot tell a difference between the two headers except that the 43002 has 5/16" flanges where the 11108 has a 3/8" flange. I'd rather have the 3/8. Also the 43002 does not picture any gaskets, bolts, or reducers with it and it is more expensive.

    Anyone know the difference between the two? Should I be fine with the 11108 headers? Thanks in advance.