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Mid-Mount Accessory Drive Water Pump

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  • Mid-Mount Accessory Drive Water Pump

    I'm looking into using the Mid-Mount Accessory drive system for a build. It'll go into a car that will be driven on long trips. One concern I have is what if I have a problem on the road. Can I go into a dealership or parts store and get a part? Can anyone tell me if the C7 cartridge water pump is a direct replacement for the Holley water pump used in these systems? It looks the same (ish) in pictures, and I know Holley says it and "LT1 Style" water pump, but that doesn't say they can be swapped. Thanks in advance.

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    Hey, Metric. I have about 5,000 miles on one of these accessory drive systems on my car. I have zero complaints. I'd have to check into off-the-shelf parts store availability, but if you were worried about a spare cartridge Holley has them for sale on their website. I just keep one in the trunk just in case.


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      Thanks for the insight Keith. I thought about keeping an extra cartridge, but that's just one more thing to carry around. If I can confirm that an OE pump will work, that would be ideal. Glad to hear yours is working well for you.