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  • Hi Everybody!

    I bought a Holley Sniper EFI and a 7" Digital Dash a couple of years ago and I'm somewhat familiar with those products, but new to the forum. I bought a BluePrint, 383 and the Sniper controls both fuel and spark with HyperSpark components. I figured the best way to guarantee success was to buy all of the critical components from Holley. My car, an '81, Z28 has been in paint purgatory forever, so I set the engine, the Sniper and the HyperSpark up on a run stand. It's easy to work on, but without a way to load the engine, there's only so much you can do. I look forward to actually putting the drivetrain in the car and optimizing the fuel & spark tables. I definitely like being able to start the engine without having to pump the accelerator pedal!

    I've been playing with cars since I was a kid. I was a teenager in the 60's and '70s, graduating high school in 1972. I have fond memories of the muscle car wars, but at the time was too broke to actually own any of the cars when new. I've owned a few since and I admit to being addicted to high performance cars. I suppose the future is electric vehicles though I have no enthusiasm for the whir of an electric motor. I've driven a couple of EVs, including a converted BMW, 3 series in Beta development in Taiwan. Yes, they accelerate and they're fast, but they lack excitement. Anyone who grew up around high performance, internal combustion engines will know what I mean.

    I'm married, with two grown sons, each with families of their own and five grandchildren. I live in Bold Springs Georgia, on the east side of Atlanta, midway between the ATL and Athens. I'm a retired electrical engineer with a background in industrial controls. Suffice it to say that the application of computer controls on internal combustion engines is something I find intriguing. I hope to learn a few things here in the forums and I really hope that Holley will continue to upgrade product firmware. I would like to get all I can out of the Sniper. I've already seen that the Super Sniper has additional sensor inputs not available in the Sniper. From what I can tell, the Sniper has the available inputs, but no way to configure them. I have my fingers crossed that Holley will upgrade the Sniper firmware to make the additional sensor inputs available. I'd also like the ability to program digital outputs based on multiple input conditions. If you're familiar with PLC programming, you'll know what I mean. I suspect that I will soon learn that I should have bought Terminator EFI. That's my luck.
    Happy Hot Rodding!
    Bold Springs, GA.