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LIST #3310-1 vs. Later Units

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  • LIST #3310-1 vs. Later Units

    I have a Ford truck I bought used with a 1976 460 in it. I'm in the process of "desmogging" the motor. I changed out the timing set and blocked off the EGR some time ago. I finally found some early heads for it so am now ready to replace the intake and carb. The truck came with an Edelbrock 600 cfm, but I'd like to go with a Holley and I think I need about 750 cfm. It was suggested to me that I try the LIST #3310. I know absolutely nothing about Holley carbs. All the different numbers are very confusing to me, even just within the 3310 series. Some are LIST #3310-X and some are just #3310 and some are 0-3310...? One thing that I have figured out is that the LIST #3310-1 was a 780 cfm with a secondary metering block while the later -2 etc. were 750 cfm with secondary metering plates rather than blocks.

    My truck is a 1971 F250 4WD that is my daily driver used mostly for short commuting but also for the occasional road trip, light hauling, and around the farm where is sees some occasional mud. I'm at 8-9 MPG right now, tend to drive it kind of hard and, while I'm not trying to improve fuel mileage, I'm not eager to decrease it. I have a line on a LIST 3310-1 that will need to be rebuilt, or I have the option to buy a LIST 3310-4 off of a running vehicle. My inclination is to go with the 3310-1. I've rebuilt a few carbs, including the one I'm running on the truck now. But most of my experience is with motorcycle carbs -- Amal, Mikuni, Keihin -- I would need a very thorough tuning guide for the Holley.

    Although I really like the idea of the 3310-1, (it's big, old, and the price is right) but I will defer to those with more knowledge and experience.

    Thank you.
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