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Timing light won't work with resistor plugs.

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  • Timing light won't work with resistor plugs.

    Tried to verify Cranking Timing (15) with Actron CP7529 timing light, had visible spark at all plugs (mounted in fixture grounded to engine to allow easy cranking), but light wouldn't trigger with NGK BR6S plugs. Called Actron, they suggested use OEM suppressor plug wire instead of MSD 8.5mm Super Conductor, still no light. Installed Champion J8C non-resistor plug in #1, light works with both 8mm suppressor & MSD 8.5 wires. Is this normal? My plan for initial startup and verifying inductance setting (currently 100.0 per Holley Dual Sync instructions) is to use the non-resistor plug in #1, then replace it with resistor plug, as I have been told computer systems prefer resistor plugs, then do plug readings to determine correct heat range. I'm using the Holley HP ECU, Coil-On-Plug system with GM D585 (10457730) coils. So far everything seems to be working, getting anxious to add fuel and start the thing. Concerning fuel, any suggestions, assume non-leaded due to WBO2 sensor. Engine is 350 Chevy, 11:1 CR, iron heads, in a 1962 Jaguar XKE. Thanks in advance.