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Street Avenger 670 Cracking

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  • Street Avenger 670 Cracking

    Hi guys. Does any one have experience with a Street Avenger 670 flaking and cracking? I wanted to rebuild one, but on opening it up I found the primary metering block cracked in several places (large image). It's LIST 80670-1 3615, which would indicate December 2005. The outside still looks really nice and it doesn't show much wear so I figured it'd be a good candidate to rebuild. Thanks, Nick

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    Well today I got an email from Holley stating they'll send me a new one. Wow, that's awesome.👍


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      Can't say I have seen a block cracking like that. Good to hear Holley is replacing the carburetor. Did they say what to do with the one you have now? Can you keep it for show at home? Gary
      Regards, Gary


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        @Nick_nl: This is great service Holley is always reliable!


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          @Gaz64: Yes, the new one did arrive this week. I'm located outside of the US, so I was asked to field destroy the carb. I chose to cut the whole carb into pieces and send a picture as proof.


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            Definitely destroy it. You don't want a big flake jamming up a needle & seat and flooding the engine with gas = fire.