Hello. I have a 598 BBC from Blueprint engines rated at 725 HP. I have a Holley 1150 two circuit Dominator list #80905. I have an air/fuel ratio gauge on the car. It idles great. 13.8-14.0. WOT is 12.5. it cruises at 11.0. In doing research, I thought I would need to lean the primary jets out and increase the PVCR jets. So I put six sizes smaller jets in and test drove. Same 11.0-1 AFR in the 2000-2500 RPM band. I needed to be above 3200 RPM to get it to lean out.
So next I check the power valve. It's a 3.5. I have a 2.5 on order, but I don't think that's going to do it.
I believe I'm still driving on my idle circuit below 3000 RPM.
The carb is setup with progressive linkage so it's on the front throttle blades only when cruising.
I have read the descriptions of the idle air bleeds and just can't fully wrap my head around how I can keep the current idle air/fuel ratio, but keep it from going rich when cruising. I'm definitely missing something here. Any guidance here would be appreciated!​