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New to Three Circuit Carbs.

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  • New to Three Circuit Carbs.

    Hey all, first time post.
    I have a 472" BBF with a fairly stout hydraulic cam in it. A429 heads, a Victor intake and a 1050 Dominator List #8896-2.

    First question is:
    I had an 850 DP on the engine before with a smaller cam and heads, and it was jetted at 88 square. The new Dominator I have has the annular :high gain:
    boosters from what research I've done. All things being equal, are the 88 jets going to work on this carburetor, or should I lean it out a little?

    Second question:
    My issue is that as soon as I crack the throttle open on this thing, it starts loading up immediately. I tried opening up the main air bleeds by swapping the idle and the mains (about a 20 point difference) and it did nothing. I figured that by opening up the air bleeds on the mains, it would lessen the signal for the boosters. Do you think it could be the intermediate circuit that's causing my problem? Thanks, Chuck