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    Hi to all you rev heads. I'm posting this hoping that I can get some feedback on a problem I have with my carburetor. I've emailed Holley tech support, unfortunately to date, I have had no response. I have a 1968 HK Holden GTS Monaro 327 small block Chevy (rare and valuable in Australia), Holley 670 cfm street avenger vacuum secondaries. I've stored the car since 2006 and started the engine twice a year. This year when I started the engine I noticed fuel pooling up on the inlet manifold. I removed the air cleaner and pressurized the fuel system via electric fuel pump and a fuel mist clouded my engine bay. Probably lucky that I hadn't started the engine or wasn't driving down the road. I removed the carburetor thinking that the gaskets may need replacing, no big problem. On further inspection, the primary metering block has cracks all through it and the fuel has been running through it like a sieve. I've run Holley carburetors on all my cars since 1985 and still have the carburetors now. Never have I seen or had this problem before. I only run regular fuel in the car (it's a cruiser) no ethanol no alcohol. The fuel is currently fed via a Jerry can, not from the car fuel tank (fresh fuel every start up). The engine is run until it runs out of fuel emptying and draining all the fuel. I'm at a loss to what has caused this! If anyone can let me know what I've done to cause this, it would be much appreciated.
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    That looks like a casting flaw. Probably the only way to get it to run right is to replace the metering block.


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      Personally I only run aluminum carburetor's. It's OK if the booster's are zinc, but the rest of the carburetor needs to be aluminum only with today's type of fuel.

      Short story that's an eye opener about zinc: Got a call from a customer who said he had no water pressure on his boat. On boats we generally have shut off valves on the water system for each faucet. Someone replaced the shut off valves with a Home Depot Garden hose one into four block, with shut off valves for each of the four outputs.
      Now here's the crazy part: When you look at this device, it looks like it's made from brass until you notice that each one of the threaded in/outputs is actually a machined piece of brass that's screwed into the zinc brass plated housing. So China saved about 25 cents in brass by making the main body out of zinc, but the low quality zinc actually turned into a oatmeal slurry that plugged the water lines. I replaced it with the same type of device, but made of plastic. It was actually stray electrical currents that eat away the zinc, but it just boggles the mind how much work was done not to make the whole thing out of brass.
      On behalf of every manufacturer, delivery drivers, supply chain representatives, and workers of the world, "We're Sorry."