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    Hi all, need some help please. Running a Holley XP 750 on top of my 383 SBC. Cam is Lunati Voodoo Solid Flat Tappet with 249°/257° @ .050". I'm getting about 8 inHg of vacuum at idle with idle speed at around 800 RPM. I have an AEM air/fuel ratio gauge and at idle I'm between 12.5 to 13:1, so reasonable at idle. The issue I have is as soon as I even breath on the throttle, it instantly drops to 10:1 and it's not until I get to about 1/4 throttle that it picks back up to 12-12.5:1. So cruising around at 50-60 MPH using barely any throttle I'm at 10:1. As soon as I lift and close the throttle it's back to the idle AFR of 12.5:1. Any thoughts? Cheers, Andrew