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Tee into Atomic return fuel line for N2O?

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  • Tee into Atomic return fuel line for N2O?

    I have the fuel return for the Atomic system going to a -8AN fitting on the top of my tank. Now I need a way to return the (i.e. low pressure system) fuel from my Holley bypass regulator for my N2O. Can I tee into the fitting at the top of the fuel tank for the Atomic and use that return? Or will the return pressure from the Atomic be too high, and cause a problem (backup) for my low pressure return?

    The Atomic fuel pressure runs around 45 psi (not sure how much pressure is on the return fuel). The N2O system I have is using low pressure, around 6 psi. Without a return line on the Holley regulator the fuel pressure creeps up. If I can't tee into the tank return fitting the Atomic uses, I guess my next best choice would be to get a "filler hose adapter with return port nipple".