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1965 Ford F100 Crown Vic Swap/Atomic EFI Help

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  • 1965 Ford F100 Crown Vic Swap/Atomic EFI Help

    Hey guys! I've recently finished my first project, a 1965 F100 restomod with 2011 Crown Victoria engine & drivetrain. I have the original Atomic EFI TBI and I'm having trouble dialing it in. It's been a trial & error process and I just want make it perform better. My current issue is the truck hiccups from idle to WOT. If you ease into the throttle on acceleration (finding the sweet spot) in runs good. I noticed the Air/Fuel Ratio would go severely lean (18-38 AFR) during the hiccup, but would correct itself and go back static (14.7 AFR). Also not getting that much torque. I have a line-lock setup which I can't utilize yet, since there seems to be some type of Air/Fuel Ratio problem. All the hardware works properly. No leaks. No diagnostic problems. The truck runs fine other than previous issue stated. I took it to a local dyno to try getting tuned, and he altered the settings I'm using now. His adjustments did help previous issues, but didn't solve everything. I'll attach a video & pictures of my setup below with IAC counts. I'll also attach additional PDF manuals, etc. Looking forward to solving this issue and thanks for any help!

    2011 Modular engine 4.6L 2V (Single Over Head Cam).
    Vortech Supercharger S1 trim.
    MSD 6011 6 Mod box controlling the ignition timing. (Current running tune & dyno tune attached.)
    MSD 2900 Atomic EFI TBI Master kit. (All the firmware is up-to-date!)
    3-bar MAP sensor.

    My Current Settings:
    Cubic Inches: 351 (Engine is 281 cubic inches, but it seems to run better on the fuel mapping.)
    Number of cylinders: 8
    Camshaft Type: Stock
    Fuel Pump Type: PWM with Return Regulator (Regulator is set 50-55 PSI.)
    Air Pump Equipped: No
    IDLE RPM Target: 800
    Rev Limit: 6000
    Timing Control: Disabled
    Air/Fuel Ratio Targets:
    Idle: 14.7
    Cruise: 14.7
    WOT: 12.3
    Nitrous: OFF
    Boost: 11.9
    Timing Disabled
    Pump Squirt: 5%
    Power Valve Enrich: 1% (Was having multiple A/F Ratio problems, but the dyno tech brought the Pump Squirt and PVE to here which it's ran the best.)

    Here's a link for the live gauges (IAC counts, etc.) and hiccup problem:
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    UPDATE: I got support from tech. We worked with Target A/F Ratios a bit more and Pump Squirt.