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No power to handheld.

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  • No power to handheld.

    Gone over the pre-start checklist and I have no power to the handheld. Large red to battery positive. Small black to battery negative. Small red 12 volt switched source. What am I missing? Thanks.

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    No power to handheld. Look at your PMs.


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      Shipped my ECU to Holley for warranty service. Was repaired, updated and shipped back to me. Reinstalled and I have no power to handheld. There is no tune at all on my ECU. Indicator lights: # 1 green, # 2 yellow, # 3 yellow, # 4 red, # 6 green, # 7 blue. The red wire from the white 4-pin CAN Bus connector appeared to be pulled out some. Not much room to work as it's such a short length from the main harness. I've pushed it back in, appears to be seated correctly. Is this most likely my problem? Should I try to connect with laptop? If laptop connects, can I diagnose handheld issue? Thank you for any tips.