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AMC 401 in a Jeep with timing

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  • AMC 401 in a Jeep with timing

    Running an AMC 401 with a Streetfire and ignition control through an MSD distributor and coil. Plugs are gapped at 0.055. I'll say the system is nice, I've cleaned up pounds of wiring from previous systems from Howell and Dynamic EFI, everything is now connected to my main distribution box and don't need a laptop and to play with fuel maps at 10pm while the kids are in bed anymore. Running from a wideband O2 is a big plus, and the ignition control is great and easy to configure.

    Flashed with the latest firmware updats, installed the system this July '18. I had noticed the tendency to come close to a stall on stopping, but I have added the timing control with 15 degree phasing. Playing with idle speed around 750, dropped off idle timing to 1000, I also had to reduce the pump shot to about 12%. My take off and overall power seem much improved, even over the previous EFI systems I had, I still get some crackling between gears, and sometimes on down shifting with engine decel. I'm confident over time it will improve as it learns and as I fine tune the IAC settings, I've only toyed with that a little. I was surprised by the system not reading vehicle speed, but hey it if works, great.

    I've run the motor with a smaller 2 barrel, and a larger 2-barrel and found issues with losing my low end a bit with the larger while gaining overall flow. I was happy to find that the 4 barrel with this setup works great in all ranges and seems to be able to handle this 412CI (0.060) motor with ease.

    I have a few problems with the way MSD does business, it's expensive. Why not have an Atomic kit with the fuel return included and for a few bucks less. Then about the distributors, if phasing is such a big deal why not include the phasing rotor with the caps. Spending 400$ or a distributor or 60$ for a cap and rotor kit, and then buying a phase rotor by itself for another 60$ is ridiculous. The 6al ignition boxes go for about 400$ in Canada also. If I count the money spent on this system, I'm about 3000$ in. This is something that is getting out of reach of most hobbyists with a family.

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    Things add up; will agree with that. Good to hear you got it up & running. Time to rack up some miles/kilometers. Watermelon


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      I stalled the MSD Atomic. Also SBC, Mild Cam, 390 HP. Idle nice, but I noticed that the speed is not steady, it tends to fluctuate a bit. My settings are: AFR idle 14.5, Cruise 14.6, WOT 13.0. For timing: idle 825 total RPM 2600, idle advance 12.00, vacuum advance 10.00, total advance 33.0. Do these setting look OK?