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Accel #41100 Distributor Help

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  • Accel #41100 Distributor Help

    New to Holley forum. I had this distributor #41100 in my pile of stuff and can't find any info on it. It has mechanical advance and a non-magnetic metal reluctor that sweeps over a plastic coated post with two black wires. Does it need some kind of control box?
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    I'd give Holley Tech support a call. They may have more information on discontinued products. Andrew
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      You'll need an ignition module, but there are many ways to get around that (HEI, MSD box, etc). No vacuum advance, looks like an old dual-point. Probably uses an Accel dual-point cap and rotor (same as old MoPar). Below is a link to an eBay item that shows an original ignition box.

      Hook a volt meter to the two wires and spin the distributor. If the meter responds, it's a reluctor trigger. If not, it's Hall-Effect, and uses a power feed on one wire, grounds through its body and outputs a square wave on the other wire. It looks a little like a shutter wheel (Hall-Effect) device, but my guess is that it's actually a reluctor style trigger (i.e. Dynamo).
      Accel 41100 distributor for big or small block Chevy with ignition module


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        Thanks all for the information. I did measure for voltage across the wires while spinning and there wasn't anything. Link to pictures on my FB page.
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          Much clearer picture. I've never seen a trigger like that. It could be a Hall-Effect inside the white "post". Any sign of a ground wire from the white ring?


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            Thanks. I tried removing the white ring, but the plate it's mounted to is attached to the advance springs to the case. I didn't see any other wires and no Ohm readings from the wires to the case. I'm going to hook up my oscilloscope to the wires and see if there's any kind of low voltage pulse, maybe indicating a need for an amplifier module to trigger the coil. I measured about three Ohms across the two wires.


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              Sounds like you have enough knowledge to make it work. I'd like to hear what happens.


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                Well there were no pulse readings on the scope when rotating the shaft. My thoughts are there must be a missing box that goes with it. I'm thinking that it works like a non-ferrous metal detector when one of the vanes passes over that white post and the missing box is what turns the coil into the detector. Maybe someday I'll find out, not worth the trouble right now. Thanks for the help.