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Thread: Love the old three barrels...

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    Default Love the old three barrels...

    I personally love the old 3 barrel carbs. They still work just as good as they ever did. I have 3 of them and use them on the 60's Buick Nailhead. Yeah, I know, they are supposed to be too much carb for the Nailheads, but my Nailheads love them...good crisp response and lots of power and no multiple carbs to rebuild or complex linkage to hassle with.
    I just wish Holley still had a rebuild kit for them. I have to cut gaskets etc. when I rebuild. And the secondary diaphragm is hard to come least Holley should rebuild the diaphragms for people.

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    I don't think Holley supports OEM versions of carburetors. Try here: (click "Automotive & Truck Kit Applications")

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    Daytona Parts Company will also build the diaphragm as well. Phone number is 386-427-7108.

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    Thanks for the info, I'll use it. I'm constantly amazing the younger fellas when I show them one of the 3 barrels I have. Have started several arguments...agitated a lot...having fun with these things.

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