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Thread: Marine carbureted engine to EFI conversion?????

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    Lightbulb Marine carbureted engine to EFI conversion?????

    Hi, can I make conversion of VOLVO MARINE 4.3 GL ( carbureted) to Fuel injection, is there some CONVERSION KIT? Thank you.

    Marine Commander 950 Multi–Port Fuel Injection System
    Marine Multi–Port Fuel Injection System, Chevrolet Big Block, Tall Deck, Rectangular Port cylinder Heads 275–350 HP with 24lb/hr Injectors

    This is what I've found, on Holley page, but it says its for Chevrolet engines.....any info for Volvo Penta Engines?
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    Sorry nothing for a Volvo at this time. If the engine is an even fire V6 you could build a custom system.

    If you went the custom route there would be a lot of fabrication of components.

    Good luck!


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