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    I have hesitation when accel off idle and off cruising. I just increased the the pump shot nozzle from .031 to .037 as big as i can without installing and larger pump with no effect. I have a stock ford 351w and confused why this wouldnt be enough. has anyone been through this? would changing pump cams help? this is 1850-9 carb. Anyone want to buy my carb so i can go buy a idlebrock!!!

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    Make sure you're not exposing too much of the 'idle transfer slot' at idle (primary throttle blade adjustment). Common problem. If so, you'll need to open the secondary blades a little bit, in order to close the primary blades (without altering the idle speed). Holley has a good video pertaining to this: (Click "How To Adjust The Secondary Speed Screw") View all their carb tuning videos!

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